Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I recommend never posting on your blog after midnight, or 1 am, but DEFINITELY not after 3am when you really should be in bed.

I recommend sleeping the night before you have a huge presentation in front of a couple hundred people, and who cares that the demo has not yet once seen a complete end-to-end playback except when you're in your office and no one is actually watching.

I recommend not staying in a hotel that has Internet issues because on the off chance that you can't sleep, you also can't get up to speed with your latest TV programs online either.

I recommend that if your cell phone dies while you're in a hotel that your backup cell phone has long distance calling so that you can call someone who MIGHT be awake when all others are not.

I recommend ordering room service even when you ultimately think that you're too stressed out to eat and decide against it because you never know when you're actually going to get the munchies.

I recommend remembering to bring water into your hotel room because without a mini-bar, the tap water is really rancid.

I recommend not catching up on email, posting on Facebook, or any other highly tempting time occupying *cough* wasting experiences.

I recommend sleeping pills during the week of stress.

I recommend not mixing up your daytime and your nighttime medicine the night before a large presentation.

I recommend trying to catch up on sleep when you have extreme illness.

I recommend always making at least one snow angel in the freshly fallen snow.

I recommend laughing at any chance you can get.

I recommend a good book.

I recommend looking both ways before crossing the street.

I recommend getting your groove on every once in awhile.

I recommend people keep their opinion of other people's lives to themselves at all time.

I recommend riding on the London Eye.

BUT most of all,

I recommend you just live your life to its fullest and be the happiest person you know how to be.

In the end, you'll get it right :)


marianne said...

does living your life mean I can set you up with my student I sent on his mission who still isn't married but would be hilarious on a date? He is Brazilian... It is another nationality that starts with B. You should give it a tray

marianne said...

or a try. whichever works.

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

i am not sure i would ever top "Miss Marianne" :)