Friday, February 6, 2009

Rant - A Small Side Note to the Day

After 5 customer escalation calls, 2 presentation followups, 3 feedback forums on my new product, 4 crappy customer emails telling me their demands, waiting for my MBO review to happen with the Boss, missing my kids, anticipation about a mtg with my CTO that was cancelled at the last second, and nice thoughts about my crush laying in bed next to his permanent one (which is NOT me - that's what i picture in my nice and cozy daydreams which are not happening right now), I am bent. I am bent out of sorts.

As a side note, I am mad that I haven't had a Coke this week, and I'm rebelling against my girly side - even as we speak - by walking down to the vending machine and getting one. FULL FAT COKE.

This is me in ubber whine mode. I am a whiner.

I'm going to go see 'He's Just Not That Into You' tonight and remember, oh yeah, you nerd! He really isn't that into you because why should he be??? I have 3 freaking kids and a super intensive job and a crazy family and a nutty ex-husband and no life, and he has a nice life without me. What is there to want there???

Ok, I'm done being a whiner now.

I have found my zen.

I am the definition of awesome.

I am at one with myself.

PS. I am still contemplating the Coke.
PPSS. I honestly feel bad for my Brit. He's in a tough spot so try not to be too harsh (at this point).

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Sister Pottymouth said...

Dooooooooo eeeet. DOOOOOOOO EEET! Get the Coke. Go on, you know you want it. And you'll feel so much better. You know you will.

Just call me....Saytun.