Monday, February 2, 2009

In Other News

Ok. You all know I caved and joined an online dating site a few months back (and yes, I felt absolutely pathetic the whole time because I still don't believe that's how you meet people). So, today I got an email from some guy on there, and I literally logged in to this:

Now, I'm not trying to be mean, but is this a guy or a girl? (My next thought might be a little TMI for you all, but hey, it's me; I can't help the honesty sometimes) I'm all for a hot chick wanting to hook it with me, but 1) this person is not hot from either gender and 2) I'd prefer to have a stable relationship with a cute and amazing boy than just a hook up with a girl.

I wouldn't feel so pathetic except that the last few people who wanted to connect were these:

For those of you who think I'm lying, I will walk you through my account at any time. I don't necessarily think that the sun revolves around my beauty, but on a cuteness factor, I rate. Unfortunately, I haven't felt like it when these are what comes out of it. ACK!!
So seeing as my crush is so amazingly high on the cuteness scale, I'm still smitten. I didn't even feel like logging in to check it out, but everyone is going to kill me about it until you actually meet him. Then, you'll get off my back. I promise. He's cool. He might even be cool enough to merit the full Twisted heart, but we'll see. To end this post by eliminating all the searing pictures out of your head, I give you cuteness:

Good gene potential.

A little hip hop.
(and I secretly love that)

Q of the Day: how many ninjas you can take on at once?
Brit's Answer: What can I say - I'm a "Drunken Master" - as many as you can throw at me.


Ryan and Susie said...

ha, ha! The first one totally looks like Pat and the second one kinda looks like Shrek in human form. But the last one takes the cake for sure. Not the brit, he's cute.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Wait a minute... I thought the crush was engaged? Have we still not clarified wth he's flying to America for a week for (except for seeex)?

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

So we can all agree that I'm amazingly hot, but I can confirm that he's not flying over here just for sex :) he's flying over for work and .... Just kidding. So *sigh* Yes he is engaged and I'm not stupid enough to think he's going to screw up his whole life just for me, but he wants to just hang out and see what normal life is like with me (I haven't had the heart to break it to him that my life is anything but normal ;)). So who knows until about two weeks from now what's going to happen. Actually, crush is quite sensible and Lucky would like him I think.