Friday, February 27, 2009

Email is a Pain in the Arse

It's really hard NOT to email someone you want to talk to when it's 1am and there's no one else awake, but that person. It's so hard that you basically have to come post it on your blog so that you don't break down and send the email. Why is email so freaking easy to do, and yet so destructive at the same time? The worst part is when you know you aren't even on that person's mind. Blah.

Dear MSN Live -- I NEED MY HOT GOSSIP BACK so that I have something to do at 1am.

Dear ABC -- This is not the week to repeat all my shows so that I have nothing to watch at 1am.

Dear Hulu -- You suck because none of my shows will play without significant lag.

So instead, here's my non-email to my non-friend:

Dear non-friend.
I miss chatting with you. I know it's only been a week, but hey, it was fun to chat with you because it relieved a LOT of the stress from the work day and made me smile. I had lots of stress this week, but in the end there was some good stuff too. I can't share either with you, but I wanted to.
Peace out.
Tiffany Twisted
PS. Frou Frou -- Hear Me Out

And instead, here's my shout outs to some peeps. (as usual, don't be offended if you aren't mentioned because I'm sure I'll mention you at some point or another -- and keep in mind, it's 1am!!)

Dear Azu -- Thank you for not being mad when I yelled at you for not being around when I had a total meltdown and cried at work. Crying at work puts me in a bad mood because I don't like to show weakness (at work anyway). Although I did just email you and you haven't emailed me back. What's up with that?? You are always awake when I am.

Dear BG -- I think I'm coming to New York the 3rd week of March to visit customers. YEAH!! I can't wait to see you. Girls Night Out in NY sounds divine. Oh, and want to come to the UK with me in April for my birthday?

Dear iieee -- We should go out soon. We both need a little booty shakin' and I need some hilarious chickas in my life. You fit that profile, and I don't mind being seen in public with you. Rock on, divalicious babe.

Dear Lucky -- Can't wait to see you next week!!!

Dear Demon that Possesses My Stereo and Turns It on Every Morning at 1am -- STOP IT!!!!!!

Love to the Masses,


Tiffany UnTwisted said...

As creepy as this sounds, the second that I hit post on this entry, Azu called me. It is like we are completely psychically linked, which of course we are except for the fact that we are not actually physically linked in any way, shape, or form so can we be connected through any other means? You be the judge.

i i eee said...

You too are linked!

At the sake of being Ms.ICan'tPlan, for my friend's birthday we're having late night sushi and then we're going dancing! Anyone's welcome to come.

We need to make some plans!

AzĂșcar said...

It was spooky.

BowlerGirl said...

Most definately yes to NYC, that's easy since it's a hop across the river. UK in April is negotiable. El Senore will problably be ready to kick me out of the country at that point. My obsessive house hunting is driving him batty.