Monday, February 16, 2009

A Curse Upon This House

I have THE PLAGUE. Now, that might sound cool, but it's far from it. I speak like a frog, my body aches, and I want to lie in bed snuggled up wearing sweats and watching House re-runs all night. I seriously came thisclose to asking the Brit if he just wanted to stay in and order room service and watch crappy American TV.

I contracted the plague yesterday. I stayed in bed hyped up on Nyquil until this morning. I tried to pack for this insane work week. I hate all my clothes. Who packed these things? Better yet, who bought these things in the first place. I must go shopping now, and yet, I can't function to go shopping because I HAVE THE PLAGUE!!!

I was so bottomed out on Nyquil that my engaging personality and charisma were paralyzed. I actually wanted to be out with the Brit, and I wasn't nervous or awkward, but I was mute. (I know this part is highly amusing to many of you considering I am hardly a mute, but I stake my life on it.)

Oh, and who the HELL closed Ruth's!!! I just wanted comfort food since I had to be out and about, and Ruth's is torn to shreds. Completely. I almost cried because I had been dreaming about the pot roast ever since I forced my body to function this morning. It only obeyed because I promised her the pot roast!

Also, NOTE TO THE DAMN OLYMPIC PARK: When it's a freaking holiday, don't close all the rides!

In case you were wondering, it was a highly entertaining afternoon. Although there was this lovely little lunch at The Bistro 412 (which some of you know I adore and have visited there with me before). The snow fall was quite beautiful, and I would have been absolutely ok with sitting there all day doing nothing else.

I'm now locked in my hotel room trying to decide if I head over to the Gateway and get something decent to wear. I have to speak for 6 hours tomorrow, and I'm going to look the opposite of cute. I need cute in my life. Otherwise, I should just take a nap for the next hour and a half even though I'm afraid I won't wake up. Seriously, does anyone want to come snuggle with me even though I do have the plague?

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AzĂșcar said...

No. I will not snuggle with you. I may go shopping with you, but no snuggling.