Monday, February 23, 2009

Grins & Giggles

The Avinator: Mom, I seriously put my leggings on this morning and it's not even cold outside.

Mom Thoughts: And there I was imagining how serious she looked putting her leggings on before I realized that she's just throwing that word in there and talking JUST LIKE ME!!

Line: Mom, I growed lots of inches since you last saw me, and next, I'm going to be 5 whole years old.

Mom Thoughts: A) I'm a workaholic and B) her birthday was about 3 weeks ago and she's already going to be 5 soon!!!!

Leo (staring intently at his binkie): Dada. *pause* Dada. *pause* Dada.

Mom Thoughts: What happened to Mamamamamama. I like that phase a WHOLE lot betta!

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