Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vegas and the Brits: A Q&A

Q: So, crazy Twisted, why did you go to Vegas on the spur of the moment?
A: To see hot Brits -- well, a bunch of my Euro friends on their way to Salt Lake.

Q: And?
A: And to see hot Euros on their way to Salt Lake. Seriously my peeps, I can go to Vegas anytime. Having hot eye-candy was just the catalyst.

Q: And?
A: And how can that be resisted?

Q: Good Point. So, crazy Twisted, how much fun did you have hanging out with the Euros?
A: Well, point in fact there were the hot Brits and the crazy Danes. And I had one amazing time.

Q: What was your favorite part?
A: XS (which NO, it's not sex spelled backwards! it's this insanely hot new club that just opened in vegas on new years eve that somehow people that weren't even from my country were able to get these amazing VIP red carpet treatment). How could it not be? Unfortunately, my audience will not get to hear many of the stories from that night due to management censorship. I was in a fierce black dress and stockings (see previous post) and I was a hottie-hotterson. I did kiss a Brit and I liked it. I may have kissed two. Who can remember these things. Now, on to other topics.

Q: Like? We, your fair readership aren't really caring about the other topics.
A: Like the Winning Strategies of BlackJack I promised in earlier posts. Here are my tips: 1) fake like you can't play; 2) ask the hot boys at the table for advice; 3) avoid ordering a red bull -- it will be your downfall to looney land -- and 4) always play at the $5 table and nothing higher. Oh yeah and 5) walk away with your winnings.

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