Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Tad Off Course

OK ... this post is a slight deviation from Vegas (yes, there's more). This post is to say that I have kind of a crush on someone that I most certainly, totally, definitely should NOT have a crush on. A someone who already has another someone -- no, they aren't married, *sigh* yet. And I have a crush on him. Kind of a big one.

He had me at hello -- except his hello was smacking his hands together and saying 'Right.'

And he sealed the deal by saying 'Hey why don't I get 4 tickets to Walking to with the Dinosaurs this weekend.' When I said 'Who else do you want to go with?' He replied, 'Well, I thought we'd take your kids.' Completely not freaking out or even looking slightly uncomfortable at the fact that I had three kids. This might not seem like a big deal, but as a single mom, it was a huge deal to me.

I have a pretty big crush. I expect it to wear off after awhile, but crushes are kind of nice sometimes. They make you feel special for a bit, and I think I had hit a point where I really needed special -- even for just a little bit.

I guess this does have to do with Vegas since I met him there. So, now ... on with the Vegas Showstoppers!!

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i i eee said...

The good ones are always taken, aren't they? Le sigh.

I have a crush on a hot 23 year old. Except he's really kinda dumb.