Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Taxi: An Urban Myth Come True

FACT: I am too old to walk.
FACT: I am make enough money that I don't really have to give a crap about walking.
FACT: I wear stillettos and do not want to hike from end to end of the Strip.

FACT #3 is the most pressing of the issued.

So, we booked a hotel room at the other end of the Strip from our friends. No problem, we'll just take cabs back and forth. Well, the cab rides probably broke our bank. It was almost $15 a ride -- for less than a mile, I'm sure. Nuts!

The most memorable ride: we'll call her Stella. Stella had big teased hair. Stella had well defined make-up ala Tammy Faye. Stella was our cabbie.

Dear lovely riders:

She spent her first twenty years of cab driving in Vegas before her hiatus to Milwaukee including a short stint of cab driving. Now, she's back in Vegas and starting her next 20 years. Apparently, the cab world does not change. She is almost dating a cab driver that she kind of new before, but is just now getting to know again. Maybe she will start dating him, and maybe he's right for her. She's only a little older than he is. Maybe this will turn into a good thing. She's never been married; he has a couple of kids. They will get together and figure out a relationship from all of this.

So where are your friends? (which I jokingly replied were at a strip club.)

Oh so you all like to visit those joints? Well, Stella gets comped for delivering you right up front. $50 per boy head and $30 per girl head. Can you refer her? Can you call her if you need a ride? Can you take her business card and pass it along to your friends. Sure, Sure, Definitely, Sure.

Thanks for the ride; we'll call you soon!

Your favorite female groupies.

(It seemed like the longest cab ride I've ever been on, and it was less than a mile.)

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Lucky Red Hen said...

Dude, I SERIOUSLY think I had Stella when we were in Vegas!

Word: taticsi (kinda sounds like taxi)