Friday, January 30, 2009

Coming To America

Geez. Just when I start to think I could possibly learn to put tethers around this crush, he decides to announce that he's coming to America again -- IN TWO WEEKS.

My first thought should be: that's nice, whatever.
My first thought is: Suh-wheat! (and then my second thought is that I actually will have a date for Valentine's Day! Yeah for single me.)

Then, he asked if he could meet my family. As in my mom, my kids, my whoever is special to me.

My first thought should be: Suh-wheat!
My first thought is: Is he serious about me? What are his intentions? Is this some sort of alternative universe where he's really trying desperately hard to reel me in by faking interest in my children? (and then my second thought is that I really want him to meet my kids but I'm also completely torn because if this isn't real then I don't want him meeting my children at all, but what is going on with my heart here .... reality? or? I haven't decided yet so no he can't meet my kids until I decide.)

Then, he told me he would be here from Saturday to Saturday and wanted to spend "real life" with me.

My first thought should be: This is going somewhere.
My first thought is: This might go somewhere and how do you feel about that Twisted, or Miss UnTwisted if you're Nasty? (and then my second thought is that I think I actually have lots of feelings that might be a little past the crush phase but they also lead to lots of questions so I just don't think about them right now until he's going to actually be in the room and we can hash through some of this.)

Then, he told me that I would probably be sick of him after a week.

I simply said, "Yeah, probably."


i i eee said...

I will say if he's so taken, it seems a little suspicious that he's so eager to spend time with you and whatnot. Maybe that's just his way with friends, but I hope he's not playing with fire just for kicks. Because that would make him a real bastard.

It seems hard to take it from that angle though, being he's interested in getting to know your family... because that would just be cruel. So I'm thinking he must be sincere. I can't say I envy this situation. It would make me all confused, and hard pressed to think about anything else. I'll take the hot 23 year old and his PMS crusty looks. Ha!

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

Hahaha .. I'll leave you with the 23 year old hot guy, and take my younger than me hot Brit -- even with the confusion. Cuz I honestly think he is sincere, poor guy. I don't envy his spot at all.

Although I'm super-fly fantastic and kick ass/take names. So, it'll end up all good in the end ... whatever that end might be ;)

(and shhh, we just won't tell him that i have more than a crush ;))

Lucky Red Hen said...

He wants seeex. Hold me to it.

Word: betryog (betrayal)