Monday, January 19, 2009

The New Year's Resolution. (and yes, this is related to vegas)

Forewarning: This article may be a little TMI.

There are many types of conversions. I'm sure half of you just thought about your religion; I just thought about currency (although that's not the topic of the day). Mostly because I spent the past week with foreign objects of my affection. *Sigh* I need to move -- BAD.

I made a New Year's Resolution this year to be more girly. I'm sure some of you find that laughable because I wear stilettos every day, but there are things that I just want to change and be more girly about -- like always having my nails done and not just slapping on a coat of paint so that my toes aren't sad. I got to the end of the year and realised that I hadn't had time to have one full-blown pedicure. Tragic, I tell you.

So, I very much JUMPED onto the girly wagon with both feet. I kick started the year with new hair (which I adore), a pedicure, a massage, cute clothes (well, this part of being girly isn't really new to me), and other things. Some of that jumping was excruciating, like deciding out of the freaking blue that I wanted a Brazilian. A Brazilian should not be a last minute decision that you make. This requires careful planning and reading of many Internet articles, which I didn't do until AFTER. It's a really unique experience though to sit there basically in the buff -- cuz those little panties are laughable and are out of the way most of the time anyway -- and having to smile and say nice things to someone when you'd like to be ripping their eyelashes out one at a time and giggling hysterically. (WARNING: Please prepare yourself much better than I did for that experience. I would have confessed my soul if that had been a torture chamber that actually wanted to know your secrets. Hmm, I think I did confess a little too much to this woman; hopefully, I tipped well enough. And YES, you thank these people with a tip!!)

But, Do you know something? It has made so much of a difference in my life that I could never have begun to imagine it when I made the goal -- and it's only 20 days into the year. If I keep this up, this might be a year of utter bliss!

Now, I'm sure you are all wondering how this relates to Vegas AT ALL. We all know that Vegas is the adult capital of the world, but no, I didn't turn porn star or anything that excitingly juicy. I walked into a store and suddenly my life has been changed. Two words: Victoria's Secret. Now, keep in mind, it's not like this was my first trip or anything. I buy bras from them every year religiously. Buying bras is one thing, but buying "outfits" is something very different. VS proved to me that there is a strange absolute power about standing around in stockings, thong, and bustier OR a skirt and matching bra OR panties and bras OR lacy teddy. Rhinestone encrusted bras, lacy concoctions, padded/wire/water; you name it, and we tried it on. Umm, I mean I tried it on. I won't out the other party -- well, too much ;)

I left that store with at least 10 "outfits" and only dropped $125! (yeah, semi-annual sale). And I paraded around in them for the remainder of the weekend and all this past week. Don't ask me for details on how all that layering works cuz it's tricky, but suffice it to say, wearing stockings in public makes a real woman out of you, even if no one else knows about them. It's slightly more daring if you tell one person your secret though. My passage to womanhood is near completion.

Next step: OCD cleanliness -- translation: getting a maid. I can't get into that just yet because it really has nothing to do with Vegas, and I haven't finished unpacking enough to start with that service. Stay tuned though ...

More Vegas adventures on the way.

(Just so you know and won't be afraid of how much I've actually changed, I'm wearing pigtails as I'm typing this.)

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