Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet and Adorable You

Oh my Ava.

The first science project request ever came home last month. Ava immediately latched on to a balloon launch she saw on some kid science show.

A: Mom, we absolutely MUST do the balloon launch like on Sid the Science Kid. I know it. It will be amazingly perfect. I will have the best science project -- EVER. (SIDE NOTE: Yes, she really does talk like this)

TT: AG, I don't even know what that science project was so unless you can tell me ...

A: Mom, I have it. Don't worry. You just put the things on the end of the balloons and let them go outside.

After a little more proding, I realized that you tied weights onto the end of helium balloons to see which ones would stay and which ones would still fly away. Ok ... science project idea: CHECK.

We went to the "party place" to purchas 12 balloons.

A: Mom, we HAVE to have the princess balloons. They're the only ones that will make the project really work. If I don't have the princess balloons then it just won't work. A.T. A.L.L.

TT: Umm, ok. I don't think it really matters, sweet pea.

A: Yes Mom. Yes, it absolutely matters (SIDE NOTE: absolutely is one of her favorite words. i think she uses it more than i say 'totally').

SO, we bought 12 princess balloons.

We went to the hardware store, and they only had 10 different sizes of washers ... so we decided to let go 10 of the balloons and keep the other 2. Yeah, should have planned that one better, but oh well. I lost $1.34 on two extra balloons -- I think I can live.

Science project materials: CHECK.

Now, we were set. I tied all the washers on, and in the meantime, I didn't notice Ava going behind me collecting all the balloons.

A: Ok Mom, we're so ready for this. I absolutely know which ones are going to stay and which ones are going to float away.

TT: Well, you have to write it down. This is your prediction, or hypothesis. Do you know what that means?

A: Of course I do. I know what everything means (SIDE NOTE: Yes, she really did say that -- outloud -- and meant it.)

TT: *cough* Ok. So, write down your hypothesis and I'll hold the balloons.

I reached out to get the balloons from her and notice that they are all tangled and wadded into a ball.

********30 minutes of untangling later (said in the frenchy voice of the SpongeBob Squarepants Narrator that I can't get out of my head)**********

Science Project Materials Prepped: CHECK.

TT: Ok let's head outside with one balloon at a time.

A: I'm ready. [She picks the balloon with the lightest washer.]

TT: Let go of it!

A: [completely panicked] Mom, it flew away!!! [She starts screaming] Get it! Get it! [She breaks down crying.] Mom, it's gone. it's gone.

My daughter is now sobbing over a science project. Maybe this wasn't such a good plan.

TT: Honey, remember how they did this on the TV?

A: But why didn't you catch it for me?

TT: Because we were sending birthday balloons to grandpa for his birthday last week.

A: [not a lick of a tear in sight] Awesome. I bet he absolutely loves them.

Science Project Complete: CHECK
Daughter Expectations Realigned: CHECK

**********2 weeks later bringing the science project to school this morning**********

A: Mom, I bet grandpa still thinks his balloons are the best.

And she was absolutely sincere.


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