Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Beagle

Most days, we have a "schedule". I like to use that term loosely as I'm not perfect at hitting all things on the list.

Today was a "tight ship" day. That's another term that I like to use when referring to the days where I have to remember and do about 50 things in the span on 3 hours. Easter weekend and X decided that he wanted to split it. So, I have this morning -- right.

1. Get kids awake at 8am after staying out til 11pm at friend's last night.
(Kids were up at 8:35am - not a good start)

2. Boil eggs to dye after egg hunt.
(Got that going around 8:30am)

3. Get everyone dressed
(Ava -- done at 8:40am, Liney -- done at 8:47am, TT -- done at 8:49am, Leo -- done at 8:52am after getting kicked in the face at least 5 times)

4. Get everyone in the car
(Roger that -- 8:57am)

5. Drive to the egg hunt
(Parked at 8:59am)

6. Have the egg hunt
(Yeah! We got there right when everyone was lining up at the edge of the field. Oh, but it started to pour on our heads -- whoops! forgot the coats and umbrellas. Back to car at 9:32am)

7. Decorate eggs
(here's where it gets tricky. Never "forget" that you are boiling eggs. it doesn't take an hour to boil them, but if you do take an hour to boil them, you come home to a smoke detector going off and egg spatter in places you didn't even know existed in your kitchen. There was egg across the dining room; it seemed to have no limits. )

8. Go to Thanksgiving Point for Easter Extravaganza.
(umm, i just finished cleaning egg off every nook and cranny of the kitchen and dining room, changing all the kids into new, dry outfits, and fixing everyone's hair. i have 15 minutes to drive to Thanksgiving Point for another egg hunt and bean bag toss.)

7. Achieve ultimate mom status i.e. do all of this AND manage to take a shower some time today.

I don't think I will be able to see another egg for awhile.

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b. said...

Oh shizz on the egg bombs!

Go TT, GO!!