Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Facebook Phenom

OK ... I'm weirded out. Social etiquette on the Internet can sometimes be mind-boggling. Well, life can mind-boggling, and it's just made excruciatingly weird with the introduction of the WWW.

Scenario: One of my ex-husband's old best friends "added" me as a friend on Facebook. Does anyone else think that this is weird? (Azu & BG - it is NOT the ronmeister) I mean, honestly, he liked me better. When the rat bastard *cough* I mean ex left me, he did tell him to go back to me because I was the best thing the ex could ever have. He did call me after it happened and told me that he thought it was awful and said to call him if I ever needed anything.

Scenario: Every person that works at my company that is on Facebook is adding me. A little weird that it's a social network and everyone seems to be adding people left and right. Kind of creepy actually because some people I don't necessarily want to be "watching" me.

So, am I really strange or can someone PLEASE give me a run down on socializing on the Internet. WHAT am I missing here?


sue-donym said...

You can always ignore of block anyone and they won't know it.

When I was working full time, I didn't do any of the social networking things because I was always afraid the two sides would clash.

Not much help, I know.

i i eee said...

I think it's a personal preference. It'd be nice to go by a certain set of netiquette, but with all the creeps and weirdos and people that you just don't like... it's easier to be selective to start off with, instead of later regretting that you added them as a friend. De-friending someone is worse than not adding them. Do what you want -- and with a private profile, for all they know, you hardly ever go on FB.