Saturday, June 6, 2009

All Things the Way of the World

I've done the requisite checklist this week:

1. took kids to a movie
2. visited Target 3 times and spent less than $100 altogether
3. painted the living room, kitchen, bathroom
4. hauled furniture from storage to living room (i now have an actual living room!!!)
5. made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week straight
6. went to a kiddie birthday party
7. hung out at the library and actually even checked a book out for myself (registered the little ones for the reading program)
8. cleaned and organized 3 different rooms
9. gut check for sanity of leaving job -- still feeling good
10. started to focus on my business (only have 3 months to make something start to happen before i have another 3 months to find a new job or maybe 6 more months before i find a new job)

cross your fingers for the ride everyone! i'm stoked.

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