Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Final Countdown .. is here!!!

I spent all last night planning roadtrips for me and the kids. We're going to visit as many surrounding states as possible this summer (let's face it: the maximum amount of time we'll be allowed in a car for one day with 3 small children is 4 hours so I had to stay close to home).

Trip 1: Moab -> Lake Powell (Page, AZ) -> Grand Canyon -> Lake Powell -> Orem
Total Travel Time: 4 days

Trip 2: Manti -> Grand Junction, CO -> Orem
Total Travel Time: 2 days

Trip 3: Shoshone Falls, ID -> Lava Hot Springs, ID -> Minnetonka Cave -> Orem
Total Travel Time: 2 days

The great part about kids is that they are no nonsense. You don't have to spend too much time at the place to soak it all in, and yet you can spend enough time to actually see something, which is the entire point of the trip, right?

Lake Powell checks off the beach box. The Grand Canyon checks off the major wonders of the world box. Shoshone Falls & Lava complete the "water experiences". Minnetonka Cave gives us a sideshow, and Manti brings a live production (yes, we're going for the pageant). Grand Junction allows me to claim Colorado and small town life.

So trading up 8 days of our summer time fun for these quick excursions is the highlight of my new life of mom.

It's going to be a wonderful life, I tell you!


fijiangirl said...

Sounds like a great plan. Post pictures.

~j. said...


La Yen said...

My first response is "May God have mercy on yous soul." But that is because I just got BACK from a road trip. I bet in a few days I will have forgotten and be all "That will rule!"