Friday, August 22, 2008

Slated for Better

Dear Mr. Rosenbaum,

I almost always agree with you and now we diverge. Here, I thought I had a soul mate, and I cannot bear the angst this has caused me. I smile pleasantly at your columns and giggle mercilessly at your descriptions, but I am no longer sure of our relationship. You have disappointed me. You were almost Colbert-like in my adoration.

I must say that you apparently do not understand puzzles and why the mind (brainiacs, I believe you called them) might obsess about these things. I knew our roads parted when you claimed that reading was a better way to spend time.


You just don't understand me, so we must part ways. I may be weak and come back occasionally, but I know it is never meant to be again.

Yours Quite Sincerely In Pain,
A prolific reader and an avid puzzle person

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